Annual Diplomatic Clearance Number (DCN)


… for routine air transport of personnel / cargo:

    EUAT (XX) 2023

… for VIP flights:

    EUAT (XX) 2023 V

… for flights with IATA- / ICAO-compliant Dangerous Goods:

    EUAT (XX) 2023 DG

(XX) stands for the ISO 3166 two-letter country code of the signatory using the DCN for their flight, with the exception of EL being used for Greece.

DIC Option

Slovenia selected option 1.

Detailed information on the option 1 can be found in the DIC TA. The main points are described in the FAQ under “DIC Option”.


Additional Regulations / Instructions

For “Excluded Aerodromes / Areas“, “Air-to-Air Refueling Flights“, “Transport Helicopter Flights“, and “IATA-non-compliant Dangerous Goods” see the dedicated sections further down.

Transport of ammunition is subject to Transport of Dangerous Goods Act and Aviation Act.

According to the Aviation Act it is prohibited to carry armaments and reconnaissance equipment in Slovenian airspace in a manner that it can be used, except if arranged by international treaty.

Subject to article 126 of Aviation Act it is prohibited to possess and carry weapons and dangerous object at a public airport. Exemptions shall be granted by way of a decision of the Government.


Excluded Aerodromes

The DIC TA is valid for landing at military (LJCE) and civilian (LJLJ, LJMB, LJPZ) airports.

All foreign State and Diplomatic flights must obtain written approval for landing at LJCE from AD Administration (see AIP/LJCE AD 2.20.5). Request must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to landing (see AIP).

Outside service hours at LJMB and LJPZ, services are available O/R. Requests are to
be submitted at least 24 hours before ETA or ETD (see AIP).


Excluded Areas



Air-to-Air Refueling Flights (AAR)

AAR missions in transit phase with no AAR action in progress and/or no joined fighter aircraft present are considered “Transportation Missions” of “Military Transport Aircraft” acc. to Section 3 of the DIC TA and thus subject to the implementation of its provisions (annual DCN published on DIC portal, and/or harmonized procedure).


Transport Helicopter Flights

Transport helicopter missions are considered “Transportation Missions” of “Military Transport Aircraft” acc. to section 3 of the DIC TA and thus subject to the implementation of its provisions (annual DCN published on DIC portal, and/or harmonized request procedure).


IATA-non-compliant Dangerous Goods

Transportation of ICAO/IATA-non-compliant Dangerous Goods is not covered by the DIC TA. A Special Permission is needed. Request shall be submitted at least 5 working days before ETD to Ministry of Foreign Affairs on special form, issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR)

During office hours (daily 08:00 to 16:00):

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Konzularna služba
Prešernova cesta 25
SI 1001 Ljubljana


Phone:    +386 1 478 2305

Fax:         +386 1 478 2316


Outside office hours:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Prešernova cesta 25
Dežurna služba
SI 1001 Ljubljana

Email:    and

Phone:    +386 1 4782 000    and    +386 1 478 2219



Must be send to:

Military Command and Reporting Centre E


Phone:   +386 4 204 4676


Other Contacts

To be determined.


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