The European Defence Agency (EDA) operates the DIC TA Portal and provides the content regarding the background of the arrangement, the overview of signatories, and frequently asked questions.

The content of the signatories’ country page is placed by EDA based on a questionnaire answered by the signatories. Additionally, an “Edit Request” function always allows the signatories to provide new and/or updated information to EDA , who will as soon as possible place the information on the signatory’s respective country-page.

The content displayed on each individual signatory’s country-page is subject to the sole responsibility of the respective signatory. Signatories are strongly advised to verify the accuracy of the content regularly, especially after the initial setup of their page (following the questionnaire) and after they submitted an “Edit Request” to EDA. Discrepancies with regard to the information displayed must be brought to the attention of EDA immediately (via the “Edit Request” function, or if unavailable due to technical reasons via email using the general contact provision at the bottom of the DIC TA Portal homepage).

EDA is therefore not responsible in any way for the initial and continual accuracy of the information displayed on the signatories’ country-pages.

EDA reminds all signatories that correct and current country-information is vital to the functioning of the provisions laid down in the DIC TA and is in the immediate interest of avoiding the risk of operational airlift units planning missions with outdated or missing data from the DIC TA signatories.