This portal has been created to publish the Diplomatic Clearance Numbers (DCN) and relevant information (esp. remarks, restrictions, and points of contact) of the signatories of the Diplomatic Clearance Technical Arrangement (DIC TA). In order to view the details of a signatory select the respective page on below.

Laws and Regulations

Should laws and regulations in force in the signatories’ states and/or bilateral and multilateral agreements among the participants provide for less restrictive procedures than those laid down in the DIC TA, then these laws and regulations will prevail.



Signatory Countries

It is of utmost importance to consult the respective page of each signatory that is affected by a planned flight, may it be just traversing through the airspace or also landing on the territory, in order to take the most recent information into consideration.



DIC TA Documents

The original arrangement, the amendment, accessions, and a consolidated version in English and French language can be found here on EDA’s Collaborative Platform (ECP).

Personal access to this ECP workspace and archive can be requested and will be granted by EDA subject to eligibility.

DIC TA Geographical Coverage

Ever since the implementation of the original DIC TA, more and more Member States join the arrangement. Currently, the following participants have signed:

AT, BE, BG, CY, CZ, DE, EL, FI, FR, IT, LT, LU, LV, NL, NO, PL, RO, SE, SI, and SK

Background Info

The European Air Transport Fleet (EATF) partnership signed by 19 Member States and Norway in 2011 under the auspices of the European Defence Agency is aimed at improving the military airlift provision in the EU and developing concrete solutions to increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

The development of a Diplomatic Clearances Technical Arrangement (DIC TA) started immediately under the EATF umbrella, and in 2012 signatures were achieved. The arrangement describes harmonised procedures for overflights and landings (including a standard Form V) and enables Member States to operate without the need to submit diplomatic clearances requests for each flight.

The EDA Ad Hoc Working Group (AHWG) Diplomatic Clearances that developed the original TA has also developed an amendment, adopted in 2017, and continues to work on the further expansion and improvement of the arrangement.

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